Wednesday, May 10, 2017

4 Generations/Mumsie Visiting/Altering Future Travel Plans.

This is me...with my Mumsie, my daughter and my granddaughter...such big love for them all.
The man in the background is Scott...said daughters partner and the father of my beautiful grandbaby. As you can see in the daughter is expecting their 2nd baby...a grandson for me YAY...and his arrival is expected any day rush grandson lol.
My mummy has come for a visit for 2 weeks and I am loving having her with me.  All our talks, laughs, stories and catching up. Mum loves her 2nd hand shops so we hit them with a passion and got some super bargins. But I did discover that Mumsie isn't as mobile as she once was and I quess realization that Mumsie IS 75, now has hit me.  I miss her like crazy when we are apart and enjoy every moment I can get with her. I am so lucky to have her around still.
We have discovered however that she is not suited to travelling on her own anymore.
So for Mum to visit, it is easier to fly her to us. Most times my cousin (or her children) comes down from Auckland and collects her and takes her to the airport and its a straight through flight to Dunedin. With Mum living about an hour North of Rotorua , we decide to fly her from there to Dunedin.  Her good friend would be driving her to the airport and wait with her etc. It was about 3.5 hour flight - with 1 stop over in Christchurch. It seemed to be alright and she seemed to be happy with that arrangement. Oh Lordy...once in Christchurch, Mumsie tried to board 2 different planes (she was trying to be a big girl and do things herself) that weren't going to Dunedin and finally staff  helped her board the right plane, with the final destination of Dunedin.
 My mum is 75 and gets quite anxious with this sort of stuff and ends up confused and in a fluster. I ended up collecting a very tired and over-anxious mother from the airport. My poor Mumsie. Back to straight through flights from Auckland lol.
So lets enjoy ourselves Mumsie while your here and worry about the return flight in 2 weeks.

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