Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama's Day 2017

Run Down on This Mama's Day (bullet-pointed for detail)

  • First and foremost...attended to the bloody cats that demand attention 30 minutes before my 7am alarm goes off, doesn't matter what time I set it for, you can guarantee these fur-babies of mine will awaken me. Don't know why I bother setting one, should just use them, they sure are as regular as clockwork. 
  • Settle back in bed, no point going back to sleep, send Happy Mamas Day messages across the globe via social media to all the special Mama's in my world.
  • Alarm goes off...Oh look fur-babies its time to get up...that's right, you guys have been feed/watered/toileted and baby-talked too and are now back off to, time to get up and start this whole getting ready for work thing.
  • 3 hours and 3 cups of coffee later AND at work...Check social is now jam packed with Mamma Day Posts...some are pretty darn cool and some leave you wondering.
  • First born texts me a Happy Mothers Day and lets catch up tomorrow and shop for your present message which would of been nice TODAY...TODAY is Mothers Day.
  • Lunchtime and second born arrives at work empty handed with a verbal Happy Mothers Day and a sorry I forgot to bring your pressie, I'll drop it round on my way home from work tomorrow. 
  • Again...TODAY is Mothers Day.
  • Said pressie will now be presented as a Christmas gift that I will receive in December...if I am lucky.
  • So he's here on the food court suggests we get some lunch and he calls Dutch...Well at least he paid for his own this time. And we did have an enjoyable lunch.
Rest of shift was uneventful and I began to wonder if they had changed the day of Mothers Day this year but alas, no they haven't...only in my children's heads has it been changed lol.
And appears I am looking forward to tomorrow,  to celebrate '1 day past Mothers Day'.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Movie Review...Jack Reacher, Never Go back

Who doesn't like a movie with Tom Cruise on it. Always enjoy this actors movies.
Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher in this sequel based on Lee Child's bestselling novel Never Go Back, which finds the itinerant problem-solver (Tom Cruise) accused of murder, and learning that he may have a child he has never met. 
When he returns to his old base he finds Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) a Army Major he had been communicating with has been arrested. Suspecting foul play, Investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) springs into action  and Jack embarks on a mission to prove that the head of his old unit is innocent. After crossing paths with the law, Reacher must now go on a mission to uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy that involves the death of U.S. soldiers.

TBR 2017...Bk12/52..The Apartment By Danielle Steel

I am a big Danielle Steel fan but I have to say that this one did take me a bit to get into. But once past the long intro, The Apartment got its flow on and became a decent-enough read. Good characters with alot happening and going on in their lifes...I just felt like I was waiting for something more.
That's normally not the go for me and Danielle Steel. I have to admit that Danielle Steel is a guilty pleasure of mine and usually I can't put her books down and I am for-filled with her novels.

2.5 Star rating.

Nannies Prince Arrives//Four Generation Photos//Nannies Darling

ASHTON KELLER LEWIS...Arrived May 3rd 11.45am Weighing 9lb1oz.

Nannies Prince has finally arrived...much to the relief of his Mumma. This lil' precious is a week old now and both Mumma and baby are doing well. So extremely proud of my daughter for delivering another beautiful grand-baby for me to adore. He such a wee snuffler I call him my lil' hedgehog lol.

This be Nannies Darling and she is such a wee love love her to bits. Words can not express the extreme and over-whelming love I have for this beautiful lil' being. Cheeky, funny, gorgeous lil' nearly 2 year old. Gosh 3 weeks and she'll be 2!!! Wow...were did the time go?

And this is the UN-edited 4 generation picture...well it was the best we could come up with.  It ended up being a crazy time and the kiddies didn't want to co-operate, my son decided smiling was over rated and refused to smile and I had come straight from work so didn't have time to prepare so slapped together some form of outfit from the daughters make up or hair done...just a crazy vibe happening BUT you know what...wouldn't of had it any other way.

4 Generations/Mumsie Visiting/Altering Future Travel Plans.

This is me...with my Mumsie, my daughter and my granddaughter...such big love for them all.
The man in the background is Scott...said daughters partner and the father of my beautiful grandbaby. As you can see in the daughter is expecting their 2nd baby...a grandson for me YAY...and his arrival is expected any day rush grandson lol.
My mummy has come for a visit for 2 weeks and I am loving having her with me.  All our talks, laughs, stories and catching up. Mum loves her 2nd hand shops so we hit them with a passion and got some super bargins. But I did discover that Mumsie isn't as mobile as she once was and I quess realization that Mumsie IS 75, now has hit me.  I miss her like crazy when we are apart and enjoy every moment I can get with her. I am so lucky to have her around still.
We have discovered however that she is not suited to travelling on her own anymore.
So for Mum to visit, it is easier to fly her to us. Most times my cousin (or her children) comes down from Auckland and collects her and takes her to the airport and its a straight through flight to Dunedin. With Mum living about an hour North of Rotorua , we decide to fly her from there to Dunedin.  Her good friend would be driving her to the airport and wait with her etc. It was about 3.5 hour flight - with 1 stop over in Christchurch. It seemed to be alright and she seemed to be happy with that arrangement. Oh Lordy...once in Christchurch, Mumsie tried to board 2 different planes (she was trying to be a big girl and do things herself) that weren't going to Dunedin and finally staff  helped her board the right plane, with the final destination of Dunedin.
 My mum is 75 and gets quite anxious with this sort of stuff and ends up confused and in a fluster. I ended up collecting a very tired and over-anxious mother from the airport. My poor Mumsie. Back to straight through flights from Auckland lol.
So lets enjoy ourselves Mumsie while your here and worry about the return flight in 2 weeks.

TBR 2017...Bk 17/52: Working Class Boy By Mr Jimmy Barnes

Really enjoyed this book.  This is a 2016 memoir of James Dixon Swan aka Jimmy Barnes. It tells of of his childhood in Glasgow and in Adela...