Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama's Day 2017

Run Down on This Mama's Day (bullet-pointed for detail)

  • First and foremost...attended to the bloody cats that demand attention 30 minutes before my 7am alarm goes off, doesn't matter what time I set it for, you can guarantee these fur-babies of mine will awaken me. Don't know why I bother setting one, should just use them, they sure are as regular as clockwork. 
  • Settle back in bed, no point going back to sleep, send Happy Mamas Day messages across the globe via social media to all the special Mama's in my world.
  • Alarm goes off...Oh look fur-babies its time to get up...that's right, you guys have been feed/watered/toileted and baby-talked too and are now back off to, time to get up and start this whole getting ready for work thing.
  • 3 hours and 3 cups of coffee later AND at work...Check social is now jam packed with Mamma Day Posts...some are pretty darn cool and some leave you wondering.
  • First born texts me a Happy Mothers Day and lets catch up tomorrow and shop for your present message which would of been nice TODAY...TODAY is Mothers Day.
  • Lunchtime and second born arrives at work empty handed with a verbal Happy Mothers Day and a sorry I forgot to bring your pressie, I'll drop it round on my way home from work tomorrow. 
  • Again...TODAY is Mothers Day.
  • Said pressie will now be presented as a Christmas gift that I will receive in December...if I am lucky.
  • So he's here on the food court suggests we get some lunch and he calls Dutch...Well at least he paid for his own this time. And we did have an enjoyable lunch.
Rest of shift was uneventful and I began to wonder if they had changed the day of Mothers Day this year but alas, no they haven't...only in my children's heads has it been changed lol.
And appears I am looking forward to tomorrow,  to celebrate '1 day past Mothers Day'.

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