Saturday, January 2, 2016


Well Hello sure has been awhile. Lost my mojo you might say, but hallelujah!!! It has been found.
So 2016...THIS IS MY YEAR!!!  Big decisions have been made and I am on the move...back to the town that holds my nearest and dearest AND my heart I reckon. 
I have given this wee gem of a town 4 years of my shattered life and in return it has healed and prepared me for the next leg of my journey.  
My job here, put me out there in the spotlight, a cat amongst the pigeons so to speak...(OK forecourt concierge is my title) and I have met some pretty amazing people, most of which have healed my broken mojo and set me on course again. 
One of the beautiful sunrises I have captured during my stay in Gore.

So Gore...Thank you for all that you are, all that you have done and all of my many memories. The people that I now call friends, still call you home, you have a place in my heart always and in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll be back" still have my son.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My hearts whim.

Has anybody ever told you how freakin' gorgeous you are??? You're gorgeous inside and definitely out buddy and you don't even know it! 
There is much that I would share with you if the universe would let me will never be, it can never be.  I have to be content with just having you in my life as who you are and me being a spectator in yours as who I am.
I watch you from a 'distance' wishing it was me instead of her.

I catch these looks and think...what is that about???  I can't help but wonder what if??? I cant really even put into words what I want to say about it just cant be put out there. 
I have to wonder what it is that makes me regard this whim.  I really dont know...but its the looks that get me every-time.


Friday saw me doing a road-trip to Central Otago...and what a beautiful part of my country it is!
St Bathans Range,Central Otago
 Beautiful in both Winter and Summer...and since it is a month into winter here the country side in Central is turning white.
The Hawksdun Range, Central Otago
Spent the afternoon in Cromwell after dropping a niece off to her sister and headed back to Gore to find a carload of my nephews, my son and friends looking for a sober driver to take them to Queenstown for their first road-trip in their newly purchased 'wagon' (which is a station wagon turned into mobile pub which they just cruise around the town in pretty much)...again in Central Otago...just about an hour further up from where I had just returned from.  Ahhh why not I said...I have nothing else to with the music blasting, gas in the tank, alcohol stashed where ever it would we went to Queenstown! Couldn't believe that I was cruising around in a wagon-load piss-heads party animals AND they were happy to have their 'old' Aunty and Mum driving.
Hoar frost in Central Otago
After stopping every half hour for a toilet stop...which 90 percent of the time was for the drunken bums passengers...we finally made it, around 10pm and man it was getting colder by the second!  Queenstown was so freaking cold, I wouldn't even get out of the car! I just waited in the car with the heater going, ready to take them to their next destination.  -2degrees was what the temp was at 11pm, so I was told by one of the cops at ONE of the check-points we were stopped at!  Bugger that!  After 3 hours of the carload partying in the local night-clubs, I called it a day and gathered up the wobbling and warbling drunkards and headed back home.  
With the roads starting to turn white and the drunkards drunken asses fast asleep, there were no toilet stops and it was a quieter and faster trip home...home to a lovely warm house where I fed all their drunken bums, put them to bed and myself and turned out the lights at 4.30am.  Good night and thank god!  Getting to old for this carry

But what an awesome day oh and night...I had!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have been reading back over my blog and wow I have have some adventures, lots of laughs and a whole lot of fun...most of it to do with my social
My life now is a very different one...definitely a lot quieter one...I guess that means that this blog will now have a different spin to it and I will have to work a lot harder to create interesting posts.

So with that said I do have something to share that is so very close to my heart...My Mum...I have written past posts with mention of her but as I re-read them they don't even say half of wat I wanna say about my I hope this post will.

...To one of the most amazing, beautiful women in the world..My Mum...

I tried not to cry when you told me over the phone that you were moving to the other end of New Zealand and I tried not to throw a tantrum and say 'NO YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME' and throw myself on the floor and stamp my feet and thump my fists screaming and crying until you changed your mind and came back, I tried not to let you here the absolute heartbreak in my voice that after nearly 40 years of being within 2 hours driving time of each other, that now you were going to be 3hrs of flying time away from me!!! and that's a relatively straight through flight. I tried valiantly to say to you that yes I would sort out yr place down here and your cats and everything will be alright and that I was fine with your decision...but Jesus Mum...I cried like a baby when I got off the phone and was so upset for the rest of the day.  Hope am I suppose to cope and deal with my life without you right there???  Knowing that you were just 'right there' is a whole lot different then your now 'just' a phone call away.
Mum and Me xoxo
You are my everything in my life, you are my heart and soul, my breath and I thank you for the life that you have given me. We have been through so much together and we are rarely apart, even as a child we were hardly separated. 
But I'm okay now Mum...I respect your decision to move to look after Nanny and Koro and Uncle Jimmy with their frail health.  That's just how you roll aye Mum...always there when you are needed.
I love you now...for ever...for always.
Please don't ever forget that!!
Until I see you again...

Your devoted daughter,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You have to take it to the grave tho...

Again I have been asked this and I am getting a little worried that there isn't going to be enough room for me in my own grave shortly!!!

Seriously secrets are not good...well for me they're not.  People need to stop and think about when they unload there deepest darkest thoughts to me, that I now have to carry them and they are SOOO heavy.  I know there are reasons why they can't share them with the right people and that by unloading them to me they feel a load has been taking off their shoulders...but what about my shoulders?? Don't you think mine get tired from harboring them all???

Why tell me and not listen to what advise that I could offer???

Monday, May 28, 2012

TV Addictions.

This is the best TV series (since McCloud's Daughter's and they truly rocked) in the whole wide world that has ever graced our screens here in New Zealand!!!  I just can't get enough of this program! I don't watch a lot of TV but this has me glued to it every Monday night.


Oh and on Thursday nights...this is 'the bomb' make me remember all those fairy tales I read as a kid and I love the way that they have the characters in this program.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunday and Rainbows

My, My, My...beautiful Sunday...Hmmm...Sunday is a day of rest...I believe I have these words from a reliable source. Yes the good lord believes that we should have one day where we rest...and believe me today I am going to do just that AND in my PJ's as well.

Let me set the scene for burning brightly in the fire-place, Disney Junior Channel blasting from the TV...toddler running around in today's form of a tornado, causing chaos where ever his small feet and hands land, right behind him are two 7 month old kittens that are cleaning up the continuous flow of chewed up food that spills from toddlers mouth as he chuckles and giggles at said kittens antics.

I AM AUNTY and I am not moving from the fortress that I have created on the couch...Child's mother can clean up after the small child today...oh and

The day weather-wise has packed I snuggle deeper into my fortress and block out the noise....with little success as the 'tornado' turned into a F1 Category Tornado and structural damage was beginning to appear on my fortress.

I get up to make us all a drink and look out my kitchen window to see a beautiful rainbow...cue amateur photo of rainbow...
I just stand there and watch this phenomenon for what seems like is amazing sight isn't it???