Thursday, April 6, 2017

TBR 2017...Book 10/52. Fire Bound.

So reading novels is another 'something' that I'll add into the mix of things that I like to do. And my local library indulges this pleasure for me.
Some of me ole favourite authors are: JRWard...Danielle Steel...Patricia Cornwell...Sherrilyn Kenyon...Christine Feehan...Nora Roberts...Lucinda Reilly and The Seven Sisters series is a new addition this year. I'm gonna try Lee Childs and J D Robb this year too.
My aim is 1 book a week, though I read 54 books last year AND I started reading again in late February after a 1 year?? break. I have a lot of books to catch up on, series that I have got part way though and need to finish or get up-to-date with along with recent works of my favourite authors.
I have already read 10 out-of 52 books this year (a couple behind actually) and have just started on my 11th book. (Nora Roberts Bk 3 of The Guardians Trilogy)
If your into Paranormal Romance novels try this series.

Christine Feehan...Fire Bound (Sisters of the Heart #5)

This is the fifth installment in Feehan's "Sisters of the Heart" series. It tells the story of Lissa (Giacinta)and Casimir. Lissa has secrets that she has kept from her adopted sisters, and one of those secrets has her leaving Sea Haven on a mission she does not expect to come back from. Casimir Prakenskii has been recruited by his brothers to follow her and keep her safe. They fall in love quickly and it can get intense with some very erotic and graphic love scenes. Big fan of Christine Feehan, even though she is a new author me and this is my first series of her books I've read.

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