Friday, April 14, 2017

Sea Side Bach.

Been on my first 1st date in 25 years *Bashful Face* and to be honest...I had a blast and am very intrigued to see if this goes any further. *Fingers crossed*
Not your standard run of the mill first dates but never the less it qualifies. You know the standard date where you meet in a public place and have something to drink or eat but it's just the 2 of you talking and getting to know each other, maybe you're first visual/ interaction etc??
So...I have been talking to this 'Cowboy' for a week...7 days of texting and phone calls only, when he says that he's having a bbq on Thursday night (Easter weekend here) come over and meet the hombre's *Holy-Shit Face* Of course I casually accept. I mean I know all there is to know right...his occupation, his cell number, his address, his hobbies, spoken to a hombre of his and they've been friend for 8 years, and a whole heap of other things that make him a real person. No worries.
This will be our first visual of each other and I will be walking into a bbq/party situation on his turf with his hombre's and don't really know what the host looks like (yes I had seen pics but they were those abstract kinda ones)...And the biggest problem I had with the situation was...WTF do I wear??? At the moment, here in NZ it is Autumn and there is some sort of weather cyclone thingy hovering about the country, pelting my town with driving rain, soaking everything in its path but that wasn't going to deter me. 
So I loaded up with the things that they are...woolen gloves and hat and big blardy head to toe puffer jacket...I mean it was a bbq, party in the garage so it will be col right???. it not when there are several heating sources available to keep the cold at bay...I nearly became the entertainment for the evening...stripping off the layers so I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion or worse yet...sweat everywhere. 
I head out to the address given and drove past his house a couple times (like a stalker) before I parked up about 100 meters down the road...I nearly talked myself out of going in but i could here the music and people having a good time and I thought well it cant be that bad...could it? I got my shit together and proceeded to enter the property.
This is the conversation I'm having with myself whilst standing in sight of said party-goers completely gob-smacked.
'WTF...he told me that he lived in a wee seaside bach and if he stood on his tippee toes he could see  the ocean'  I am standing looking a  f**king 2 story beach-front condo with an amazing view of the beach and the little beach-side village!!! I guess the only time he'd have to stand on tippee toes (he's 5ft 8in) to see the ocean would be when he was on his wrap around glass deck to look over the pot plants there. And those were my first words to him...Wee seaside bach my arse!  And that was the beginning of our first date. 
Let me tell really was a great night...he was a perfect and attentive host (to me)*blushing now* his hombre's were freaking awesome and so welcoming and we danced and sung ourselves stupid into the wee hours of the his bar, in the garage. There was even a couple of kisses *Really Blushing Now* and some hand holding.
So yes all in all it was the best first date ever and I do hope there's more to come. 
PLEASE...Let there be more to come. 


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