Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TBR 2017...Bk11/52 Island of Glass

ISLAND OF GLASS  Nora Roberts Book 3 of The Guardians Trilogy

Annika - a mermaid
Sawyer - time traveler with a magic compass
Riley - an archaeologist werewolf
Doyle - an immortal warrior
Bran - an Irish sorcerer
Sasha - an artist and seer

This group of gifted strangers, called together by the three moon goddesses, has seen battle and have had success. They are no longer strangers on individual quests, but guardians on their final quest. They have fought fiercely and loved passionately. Well, Sasha, Bran, Sawyer and Annika have, loved passionately - that is.
This final quest to find and secure the Ice Star will be a supreme test for Riley, the archaeologist werewolf and Doyle, the immortal warrior. This is their love story as well.

A very enjoyable and captivating read and a great wrap up to end the series.  I shall miss these 6 Guardians.

Nora Roberts is one of my favourite authors and I simply devour her books. It was her 3 Sisters Island Trilogy that started my love for her and I have never looked back or found one of her books that I haven't liked. 

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