Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm Back...AGAIN lol

Yes, again...I'm back.  Lets get the juices flowing and the momentum going. Lots has happened, some possibly revealed and some we will never speak of again.
Going to treat this as a new a familiar place.

Lets begin with my church visit tonight...
I have started re-attending Nations church (after a break of like 8 years)
The reason I attend this particular church (Nations) is because its a bit more contemporary, I love the music and singing and the community atmosphere.  I go for some spiritual refreshment.

STRETCHING was the theme tonight.  Going beyond your comfort zone and stretching past it...stretching your faith to encompass your goals and dreams. Stretching out to someone in need and helping them. Everyone was advised to stretch out during the upcoming week.  I think I have just accomplished that task...I stretched out and grabbed my coffee cup and took a big gulp...I feel quite satisfied.

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