Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dark times.

After living in Southland for 4 years, I made the decision to move back to Dunedin.
Now Dunedin was the town I lived in for most of my life right up until  mid 2012. It held some very precious memories of the best times of my was the town that my main squeezes lived in, my kids grew up in and my mum lived in.  But in 2011 when my marriage finally ended and we separated. ..Dunedin became my hell. 
My only support through it all was a handful of beautiful people who, to this very day are my lifelines. My Mum and 4 of the wisest ladies I know...they held me and my mid-teenage children together, while the rest of 'them' went into destruction mode to tear us down. Friends and family became our worst enemies, nastiness and negativity about everything me and my children did or didn't do, constant battling...18 months I lasted before I couldn't take it anymore.  One morning I woke up in my mums one bedroom flat to a phone call that saved me. I'd lost my house, most of my so call friends, the exs mother hated me, my kids were raging adults now, my daughter had got a job and started flatting, my son also started working on the railways but in Southland, I had given up on university, couldn't cope...was jobless and homeless, living with my mum.
That phone call saved me. I was offered a lifeline 'Come stay with us for awhile...I could do with a hand' It was my cousin, they lived in a huge farm house down Southland (my son was there as well). Didn't take much convincing...I had nothing to lose, already lost it. 2 weeks later I was beginning my Southland adventure and what an adventure that was 😉

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